@Dušan children with one parent are in an unfortunate situation. We would never willingly stick children in that situation and orphanages won’t let children be adopted to single parents in most cases but now they are being forced to adopt children out to gay couples. Which is absurd. 

Incestuous couples do not have to have children that can easily be prevented these days with contraception, surgery, and even abortion which liberals also support and say there is nothing wrong with. There is no reason gays should be allowed to marry and not family members. The only reason it’s not allowed today is because all people realize there is something inherintly wrong with it, the same way they realized there was something wrong with two men and two women marrying each other in the past until the media went on a brainwashing frenzy to indoctrinate everyone.

Nobody denies that those people are genuinely attracted to members of the same sex. Pedophiles are genuinely attracted to children. Some people are genuinely attracted to animals. That doesn’t make it healthy or normal. Supporting mental issues as something good should be blatantly bad to any person regardless of what he believes. 

People in the u.s can be fired for just saying publiclly the don’t support gay marriage. Just because you have a different opinion doesn’t mean you cant work with people in a team. I’m not speaking about that. I just find it scary that discrimination in the workplace based on religion, orientation, gender, or race is illegal but you can be fired for holding peaceful personal beliefs if they are seen as intolerant. 


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