@srdceleva it’s not allowed because of reproduction if they were sterilized I wouldn’t have problem with that, as I’m trying to express I don’t give a fuck. Certainly I would avoid those people, I wouldn’t be friends with them, I wouldn’t hire them, but I don’t care what they do.
I’m against abortion for the record expect in specific cases (endangered health of the mother or baby, rape and similar)

Nobody denies that those people are genuinely attracted to members of the same sex. Pedophiles are genuinely attracted to children. Some people are genuinely attracted to animals.

this came to my mind too, but pedophiles and zoophiles who actually achieve some contact are basically rapists. I am against homosexual rapists as any others. In a homosexual relationship both parties consent to it.

Look, I had pretty similar stances and opinions to yours until some 2-3 years ago and I used much of the same arguments. But then I started to realize that we’ll all free beings and as long no one’s being hurt or damaged in some way it’s all good and I don’t care. Everything is relative.


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