@MikhailA Should people be sanctioned if they chose not to reproduce when they’re capable? Is that too wrong? Should sterile people be ostracized from society? 
As I wrote here I share some opinions with you two, but I don’t see how my opinion and norms are better than someone else’s, opinions on and social norms are not axioms, there just what we consider normal without any basis. Of course everyone can argument their opinion like we are doing it here, but doesn’t change anything.
Reproduction is the meaning of any life, but we as a species surpassed that narrow meaning, we’re manipulating atoms and molecules, we manipulate other species (for last 10000 years), we are connected with each other at any time, we create art. Human life is meant to be fulfilled, each should do whatever makes them content and happy (as long it doesn’t hurt anyone else of course).
I act how according to what I consider right, I myself do plan to reproduce and have a family, but I don’t care what other people do.


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