I am not talking to the wrong slaves I am talking to the wright slaves. And I am not talking in my own language. So I a may make mistakes in the english language.  I worked in the Soviet Union and I speak Russian , so do not make a fool of me. I am very serious about Islamisation in western EU and I want to emigrate to a Slavic country. The stupid politicians of the Netherlands and Belgium where very generious in the the 1990  to give Slavs a passport and gave them social support houses etc.And now in 2014-2018  they give muslims everything. Now I am asking the same freedom for me, because I want to leave the EUSSR = Europian Union , but no one of you is supporting this. “Nice people”, those Slavs. And I have a small part of them in my blood.  George Soros is from Hungary it is not a Slav. I do not like him. Pomogi menye pozalujsta!


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