@saltycola I understand all of that, but it’s still a conflict. I’m sure not all of Ukrainians shared same ideas and stances back in the time of Maidan, they weren’t the same when first signs of war came about and they aren’t the same now. When you play this trailer first thing you hear is Ukranian state.

I don’t support neither side in this, it’s sad that there is a conflict at all. I’m certainly against foreign troops on your territory. The whole thing started when legally elected government was violently overthrown by less than 1% of your population on the streets many of whom were minors, I don’t see that as a positive thing either. Of course my conclusions maybe wrong, and my image of the events is maybe distorted by the media.

I met a lot of young Ukrainians from Zakarpatie (Užhorod and Mukačevo) in 2013 and 2014. They way the thought and spoke of Russians and Russia turned upside down.
In 2013 they spoke of Russia only if someone asked them and they spoke of Russians as Slavic brothers, out of ~30 people only one girl spoke against them, saying that they should mind their own business and speak Ukrainian in Ukraine. Two of them were a bit older than the rest and were studying in Kiev, they said they were looked down upon over there when speaking Ukrainian and were considered rural because of it.
In 2014 everybody were on the right of the spectrum, extremely nationalistic and chauvinistic, they spoke only the worst about the Russia and Russians, when I mentioned the things I learned a year before, they said I was wrong, that nothing of it is true and that no one speaks Russian in Kiev. There was only one guy out of ~30 people who kept his cool, stayed objective and took every bit of media information from any side with a reserve.

I wish you peace.


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