@srdceleva Looking in Serbian history should help you figure that out, why are people here violent. If he never was killed maybe the WWI wouldn’t start on Balkans but somewhere else and that’s pretty much it, although AH had plans to include Serbia into the empire, one way or another. Europe was already divided.
He killed both of them by pure chance, I mean the bullet that killed her went through some of the car’s construction, her seat, corset and hit exactly into abdominal aorta all wanting to shoot Potiorek. Bullet that the archduke him went straight for the neck artery, that too by pure chance. He actually had a chance to shoot him earlier that day in a crowded shop, but gave up, because she was too close. This thing was improvised, he wasn’t even suppose to be there. The whole thing was executed very amateurishly. There were actually three guys before Princip including that one with a bomb who failed to act it out.
Just to clarify I’m not justifying anything or defending anyone, I’m just stating the facts. We’ve already agreed that it was unnecessary and gruesome.


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