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Its not me who is denying rights of people or discriminating against them its biology, and denying facts is never good. Saying “live and let live” is an excuse to not fight back against the aggressive left. In canada they want to make it legally punishable if you dont refer to a trans person by the pro-noun they want to be referred by. Conchita Wurst the gay trans singer in Austria just came out recently as being HIV positive something that is drastically higher in the male gay population than in the general population. In fact it was originally referred to as the gay disease. Everything about all of this LGBT and geder ideology should just scream ridiculousness to any normal person. It is no coincidence as I mentioned that Russia has reversed its birth rate. Support of the family is needed and if europe doesnt recognize this basic fact then people from an even more radical ideology will take over because they at least respect this basic fact. 


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