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You’re views aren’t different from most liberals in the west, if it makes yourself feel better to say that then go ahead, but your saying the exact arguments of 99% of Western liberals. 

Marriage is the state legally recognizing what is already biologically inherint as to support the development of families and to enact certain legal responsibilities on members of that family. Are there exceptions to this? Yes old people or infertile people can get married as they are exceptions with-in the biological norm. Meaning they don’t change the traditional view of marriage. Gay marriage completely destroys the original view and point of marriage and makes a completely fruitless relationship equal to that of a relationship which is the basis for all of human existence. Anyone who cant see that as nonsense is either delusional or is submissive and has given up to the agressive liberal agenda.

Also classic liberals in the past never supported gay-marraige it’s a neo-liberal thing that came around very recently. 


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