I don’t pick sides based on emotions. First I try to understand both (or more) sides, look at the problem from different angles and then I try to form my own opinion. The problem is that I often kind of agree with both sides. :D 
I understand @srdceleva ‘s concerns and I also understand @Dušan and @NikeBG ‘s perspective. I feel like I had 2 people with their own mind inside my body when it comes to my opinions. :D 
Basically I’d like things to be like in the “old days”. I grew up in an environment where only heterosexuality was considered to be “normal”. On the other hand, I know the times are changing and society is gaining new values and ditching the old ones.
I don’t see myself as racist, but I would like Europe to stay mostly homogeneous white and to keep its own culture. Not because I dislike other races, cultures or nations, but because I would like to keep variety in the world – I mean, to keep all parts of the world characteristic of something. Today everything is mixing together. We are being introduced to other cultures that are roaming our countries and we’re giving up our own culture. It makes me sad. But I also know that it can’t be stopped or reversed. You can’t restrict people from traveling. You can’t restrict people of different color from falling in love. You can’t do that to gay people either.

There’s much more that is socially acceptable today that wasn’t acceptable before besides homosexuality. Even obesity, though it’s not a disorder, but a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.
But how can we change things to get back to normal? We can’t. So I guess it’s not my problem what’s happening in the world. Let me just live my own life and die happy. I’ll continue to love things I love and I’ll reminisce about my childhood with nostalgy.

@srdceleva All you can do is inspire people to to follow your vision of a perfect world. Or you can become a powerful politician and you can make your own changes in society as long as other people agree with you. But be prepared for protests or a civil war in the worst case scenario. :D


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