Yea but besides West Slovak(not standard Slovak) saying vím or víš instead of viem or vieš Slovak has more conservative vowels like most other Slavic languages. Literally almost all of the words u mentioned in Ukrainian Sol, rokov, nyiet are basically pronounced exactly the same in Western dialects of Slovak as they are in standard Slovak with the exception of nie(nyie) being pronounced like a hard ne in trnava and west of it, nie is still said in Nitra dialect. This trait of Ukrainian is actually very strange to me and makes the language harder to understand when spoken. They had a Ukrainian internation evening at the Katholische Hochschul Gemeinde in Vienna a couple of weeks ago. I asked one of the girls to say something in Ukrainian to see if I understand and she said something with the word “pod” in it but in ukrianian it was pronounced “pid.” Like what the heck, I know it’s similar but I’d never guess in a million years pid meant pod as it sounds so strange. 

Also it seems that Ukrainian forms past tense like Nitra dialect not like standard Slovak which still uses “l.” I’m not even sure if other dialects of Western Slovak use “v” for for past tense. I think Záhorie nárečie basically pronounces the L’s like a polish ł. So like povedał, pozerał etc. 


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