My native language is Serbian (and all the others) while I had contact with Slovak whole my life and I understood everything, for long time I didn’t speak the language. Nevertheless I consider Slovak my native language just as much.

Now in SCBM čuti is to hear, slušati is to listen, čuvati is to safkeep, to keep an eye on etc. (итд)
to hide is sakriti/sakrivati, to raise children is vaspitati from Russian.
There’s no hovati in SCBM, but there are derivatives from hraniti (хранити)
hraniti – to feed/in context to keep animals and archaic for same as čuvati.
sahraniti – to burry
nahraniti – to feed anyone or anything
othraniti – to raise
Slovaks here use merkuvať for to safekeep and for to watch out (dávať pozor).