Nowadays using terms like “Slav” or “Germanic” is a little bit misleading if we talk about historical genetic and tribal connections. I would use the term “Aryan” even if it has politically suspicious shade nowadays, but it´s historically correct, referring for example to Vedic Aryans, who were close to modern East Slavs according to genetic tests. 

Aryan nation was divided to many tribes such as Gatha/Katha/Katti/Goth, Vans/Vandals, Jäm/Yam, Saka/Scythians etc. They were all R1a by their Y-haplogroup and they all spoke language derived from Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian languages. Genetically Aryans were descendants of the priestly and kingly elite of Ancient Egypt. Aryan tribes developed in Egypt and they spread all around from there: to Europe, starting a European Bronze Age, to India etc.  Scythians and Sakas are probably (mostly) modern Slavs. Despite of the later language shift, all the European R1a are genetically relatives.


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