While this isn’t a book, I am reading about Jovica Velijovic. He invented the typeface Veljovic. He is professor for type design at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

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Velijovic is a typeface of unusual liveliness, yet it has many of the qualities of traditional typography: classic proportions, pronounced serifs, letters whose precision suggests characters chiseled in stone and whose flowing stroke suggest calligraphy. Unlike many typefaces whose novelty stems from a few unusual letters, Veljovic has a freshness that breathes equally through all its letters. Issued in four weights in 1984 by the International Typeface Corporation, Veljovic is the work of Jovic Velijovic, a Serbian designer and calligrapher.

As a student at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Veljovic was so interested in calligraphy that he became the school’s only major in calligraphy and lettering. Before long his work was exhibited in London and New York as well as Yugoslavia. Veljovic counts medieval Cyrillic manuscript and such painters as Holbein, Matisse, and Giorgio Morandi, as well as contemporary calligraphers Hermann Zapf of Germany and Henri Friedlander of Israel, among his influences. With the encouragement of the International Typeface Corporation, he has found in typeface design a new way to express his love of letters. 

In 1985, Veljović was awarded the Prix Charles Peignot, an infrequently awarded prize for type design.

You can download ITC Veljovic Medium Italic and other fonts here: https://www.fontsmarket.com/font-details/itc-veljovic-medium-italic

Veljovic Script
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