You are welcome, @SlavicTravels:)  I don’t follow Ukrainian Rap/Hip Hop too much. Tartak has been around for years and are very well-known and regarded in Ukraine. They’ve performed in the USA, among other places. I’m sure there are many other Ukrainian Rappers with current hits. I’ll look around. 

Tartak (UkrainianТартак [tɑrˈtɑk]) is a popular hip-hop/rapcore/alternative crossover band from Ukraine. They mix styles of guitar rock, hip-hop and dance music to produce an energetic compositions and lyrics. “Tartak” means woodsaw in Ukrainian. Sashko thought that tartak symbolized something energetic, loud, active, and hence appropriate for a band name. Sashko Polozhynskyi founded the group in the Fall of 1996 in Lutsk, Volyn, Ukraine.

There is, of course, the huge Ukrainian rap hit from late 2017, by Grebz, ““The Ice Is Melting Between Us.” In Russian language. 


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