Boris V.
Boris V.

@GaiusCoriolanus i think this might be a problem at your end. Please you can provide me with some screenshots on private message so i can check out what’s up. 

As far as the new forum goes, these are the new addons: 

1) You get Badge rewards for comments, views, logins, votes and bazzilion other things…
2) Ranks, with chance to get to moderator position thanks to the points and badges above. 
3) Unified profile, you can now comment on articles with your profile, start new forum topics or even write articles for the front page (if they get approved). 
4) Chance to add people as friends, update your profile pic, update your profile cover pic, message your friends. 

In addition: 

1) we’re working on forum design, will get better
2) We improved our servers, it’s all going to be even faster than now.
3) We’ll be pushing an smartphone app for Slavorum, you’ll need the other main profile account for that :) 

P.S. – for any technical problem if you can’t login there or something let me know, i’ll fix it.