@”Kapitán Denis” 

You didn’t save any of my posts? They’re all super important!

 :D No worries! I did another check and did save some of your posts! I just saved them in One Note for some odd reason and not with my genealogy folders. 

In fact, you made an important contribution to my genealogy project regarding cloud storage. 

@Karpivna I suggest you to use some
free cloud storage, such as:

But you don’t have
to upload images to clouds or image sharing sites, if they’re already on the
internet. Just right click on the image, click on “view image” and
copy the URL. Voila.

If you
have an image in your computer and you want to share it, you can first try to
search it on the internet. It could be already uploaded somewhere. First go
to http://www.google.com/images and drag your image over the
search bar and if it finds the image on the internet, click on the first image
(right above the results). It’ll show you the image in all resolutions it could
find. Just click on any of those images and share the URL.

I know that text
tutorials suck, but I hope you’ll get it.