Olga Kysil

@Shaokang I’m not exactly sure the exact reasons for his execution. He was deported to Siberia shortly after WW2. I’ve been told that in Siberia, he was taken in the early morning for the execution. They said to Gregory: “Where is your God now?” Something like that. Then, he was taken to be shot. He was devout Christian.

I need to investigate more on what exactly happened in Siberia. I do know there was a big deportation of Western Ukrainians after WW2 to Siberia.


After completion of the Soviet-German war, the activities of the Ukrainian insurgent army was directed against the Soviet power structures. Concerned about the difficult situation in Western Ukraine, the political leadership of the USSR is constantly looking for new ways to neutralise the insurgency, writes “UKRINFORM“.

That deportation has become a powerful and effective tool to crack down on “dissent” of the Ukrainians. In 1944-1946 from Western Ukraine to distant areas of the USSR were deported 14 728 families of the members of the national liberation movement.

However, I’ve never heard of any of my family being involved with “Bandera” or “Ukrainian Nationalist” organizations. I believe Gregory and his family were deported because he owned a farm. He was a landowner.

This is a photo of him taken in the 1930s, I believe. This is one of two known photos of him.
My uncle who was shot in Siberia