In Belarus capital punishment cannot be applied to people under 18, women, and men at 65 or over.

In Belarus capital punishment is usually applied to those who committed grave crimes, associated with the deliberate deprivation of human life with aggravating circumstances. But it can be applied to terrorists , those who use weapons of mass destruction , deliberate murder of children and elderly, murder of policemen and in a number of other circumstances.

The worst scum have received capital punishment. In my opinion that’s an easy way out for them.They should be placed in single cells for life in a harsh environment.

I read some cases where capital punishment was applied. Here are a couple of examples.

A man needing money to buy a car came to his family. Not receiving money he hit his father over his head with an axe several times killing him. Then using the axe he hit his mother over her head 8 times killing her. To eliminate the witness he strangled his little underaged sister to death. Then he took the money of around $10,000. That’s the price this scum placed on his family.

Two other scums were experimenting with explosives for a couple of years damaging people’s properties. They thought it was not enough, so two created a bag of explosives stuffed with ball bearings and cuts of metals. One of them left the bag on a subway train and detonated it. As a result, 15 people died and around 200 were injured. Many are physically disabled having lost their limbs.

Belarus is often critised for having capital punishment. I am telling them Belarus is not democratic. Go and criticise great democracies such as USA and Japan. Why critising small Belarus? But you are the last country in Europe. Right! As if geographic location of the country should be a factor in deciding whether or not the country should apply capital punishment.


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