The last executed person in Poland (in 1988 by hanging, as the map says) was Andrzej Czabański, known also as Stanisław Czabański. He was found guilty of rape and brutal murder of a woman and trying to kill her two daughters, who survived. He was hanged in Kraków, few weeks later the moratorium was introduced and people sentenced to death had their sentence changed to 25 years in prison – including Mariusz Trynkiewicz, a pedophile and serial murderer. I do not know why the sentence wasn’t changed to the life sentence which is present in Polish law.

In years 1956-1988 the number of people executed was 321. Between years 1944 and 1956 there were about 3500 people executed.

There were two methods of execution. First one was hanging, used on civilians; the second was being shot. As a curiosity I want to add that the Germans who were sentenced to death during the Nurnberg trials were hanged, as the judges wanted to present their crimes as typical barbarism. Meeting the firing squad was always considered more “honorable” in history.

Nowadays, thankfully, these times are over, and the executions are no longer practised.


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