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Look what happened to this Romanian man. He’s alive, but the legal system in Romania says he is dead even though he is obviously alive. I think this is a rather stupid court ruling. 😀 I guess he can do whatever he wants in Romania because he is a dead man walking, a zombie. Romania can’t give him the death penalty because he is already dead. Of course, Romania does not have the death penalty anymore.


A Romanian court has ruled that a 63-year-old man is dead, even though he argued in person that he is still very much alive. Constantin Reliu was declared dead in 2016 at his wife’s request, since she hadn’t heard from him since he moved to Turkey to seek a job in 2002. When he returned to Romania this year, Reliu discovered he was listed as dead. He took his case to court, but judges refused to nullify his death certificate, saying he’d taken too long to appeal it. “I am officially dead,” said a bemused Reliu, “although I’m alive.”

  • His wife got him a death certificate in 2016, years after he left his native Romania and lost contact with his family.
  • He later came back, and has been told the death certificate cannot be revoked.



Romanian court rules living man is dead



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