Boris V.
Boris V.

Just to give you heads up about it all what will be improved in next period:

  1. Votes and reactions on replies.
  2. Forum layout with category images
  3. Live Chat with your friends
  4. Smartphone app
  5. A lot of fun content in form of articles, polls, quizzes etc.

These are the main things we’ll go throught in the next period of time.

It’s a work in progress 🙂 calm down and enjoy while it lasts. I know people don’t like changes but they are good. If i wasn’t adapting there would not be over 650,000 readers following Slavorum. With such readership it makes it worthwhile for me to maintain this website and improve it further on benefit of us all. If i didn’t adapt and just let things go maybe this would be a dead project years ago.


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