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@Kapitan-Denis Awesome map!


@Dusan Your avatar is very cool, indeed! I love the blue embroidery, too. I would love to have attended that festival. Gorgeous costumes! I love the full skirts.


Okay, who is telling the truth here? Ukraine or Russia?

Ukrainian Dolphins go on hunger strike to protest their new Russian masters??? 😀 I never thought of dolphins as being useful in war or combat. What do combat dolphins do exactly?

Kiev, Ukraine

  • Ukraine said this week that its military dolphins stationed in Crimea refused to eat after Russia seized control of the peninsula, and have since starved to death. After the 2014 annexation, Ukrainian authorities gave the Russian military the whistles and other gear they had used to train some 10 dolphins in marine combat, Ukrainian official Boris Babin told the <i>Obozrevatel </i>newspaper, but the combat dolphins rejected their new masters. Russian lawmaker Dmitry Belik called the report “nonsense,” saying the elderly dolphins, left over from a Soviet-era program, had either died or been sold to private aquariums long before the Russians arrived.

Kerch Strait, Russia

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin this week drove a big orange truck across a new bridge connecting Russia and the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014. The nearly 12-mile bridge, which cost $3.6 billion to build and is the longest in Europe, is intended to show that the peninsula is now an integral part of Russia. Putin said the project would bring Russia and Crimea, which is not linked to Russia by land, “closer to each other” and allow the peninsula to grow at a “new economic tempo.” Ukraine denounced the construction as a gross violation of its sovereign borders, and the U.S. State Department said it was an example of “Russia’s ongoing willingness to flout international law.”