Marcin Miziński

You should’ve at least mentioned “Chłopi”, or “Nad Niemnem” – what is so interesting in reading about countryside, amirite? Hell, let’s go full steam – “Janko Muzykant”? Fuck Janko, have you read “Medaliony”? Now this is what I’m talking about. Take that Janko shit away, you ain’t got nothing for MEDALIONY shit. And Fourty-door-key? Granica? Fuck that shit!

I was trying to make anything out of your shitty article, anything but clickbait. No luck, waste of time. And I do not mind your choice of titles, I coudn’t care less about your sensitivity, knowledge of time periods, thus the themes, the plots and all etc. – it’s just this article is shite… It’s so fucking shite, I’m going to make a bookmark out of it, so anytime I feel something is crappy I’ll head on and read this one again and then decide…

Mnd you, just because you don’t understand the notion doesn’t neccessarilly mean it’s bollocks… 🙂