I see some of the fellow Poles maybe should focus on their charisma so they’ll get themselves a girl instead of spreading unsatisfied venom of frustration in the Internet.

From this list I don’t know about “Przygody Filonka bez ogonka” and I don’t remember “Janko Muzykant” but I recognize the title. There was “Tango” I think, but don’t know what was this about. I wasn’t reading the books because I was told to read them, you know, rebellious attitude.

But from what I know “Ferdydurke” by Witold Gombrowicz and “Szewcy” by Witold Witkacy Witkiewicz were pretty much fcked up. If I remember correctly, “Lalka” had actually quite reasonable plot – a woman (Izabela Łęcka) deceiving a guy (Stanisław Wokulski), and stuff. Real stuff. Don’t know what is particularly bizarre about this book.


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