Marcin Mochal

Here’s my take on the issue described in the article.

1) The school reading list has little to do with readership. If you like reading books you’ll read them anyway.

2) The list will always be “bad”, because its obligatory. If Martin’s saga was on reading list it would be probably hated by most due to sheer fact you were forced to read it (which you wouldn’t do anyway).

3) None of the books presented in the article is “bizzare”, though some are taught in the wrong way and also are introduced to readers too early. Young readers in their teens at best may not appreciate the beauty and artistic merit of some books (this of course depends on individuals) mentioned and at worst they will not understand them. Especially that school interpretations of some classics are simplified or even misrepresent to the book.

The above as I mentioned above does not hurt readership as such but it hurts certain books. What we remember from school as boring, confusing etc we might enjoy a lot when we’re twice as old. For me “The Peasants”  (oryg. “Chłopi”) by Władysław Reymont was such a book. Me in my teens + this book = absolute disaster. Luckily I returned to it years later. And having re-read this novel in my 30’s I absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down. It was absolutely riveting for me.




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