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Could be, but it’s hardly the rule. This is when “epska narodna poezija” was created, right (the Kraljević Marko Cycle)?  Wasn’t this the period (1600s, 1700s) when “Seobe” happened? When Serbs settled Lika, Kordun, Slavonia, Srem, etc. escaping from Turks?

If you want more historical accuracy and specific material, I just recently read  research by somebody called Ivan Jovović about  Montenegro Litoral (and particularly Bar Archdiocese). When Otomans took Skadar in 1479 they kept raiding Bar region frequently. So Venice offered free land to Slavs from Dalmatia (maybe Bosnia) to go there and be the buffer, basically. They moved in the region, settled down, then Otomans took the Bar region for good in 1571. The following decades were really difficult. Both catholic (Slavic and Albanian) and orthodox priests were given difficult time. Plenty of people converted. Thousands went back west.  Reports read “Bar has the worse Turks”.  Particularly shitty years after an unsuccessful Venetian siege of Bar in 1631.