Olga Kysil

A Ukrainian re-working of an old Soviet military song.


The dark night, only the hangs whistle in the distance,
Without stops and without holidays the art is crazy.
In this late time you, my dear, sit on facebook
Exclamation from the ATO, God pray for me.

The Qurva-War separated me with you
But it certainly will end once,
I know then again how we once lived,
Faith in it inspires me to fight with the invader.

The unclean creep has already settled hard in the Crimea,
Metastases allowed in Donetsk, pain in the souls of the suffering.
As once my grandfather Fascinated melted,
And so I’m sleeping with the hideous occupiers of the vile ones.

Cold and snow, dirt of trenches in the nail broke out,
And only in a dream everything is elegant and radiant.
At least for a moment, touching you with the children,
Hug old parents, walk around the city.

For many, not come back from this war,
The body is in the earth, but the memory of them is incorrect.
Slowly bow down to all those who drove from the evil Horde
Everyone who put his soul and body behind TLU Ukraine.


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