Olga Kysil

3 favorite movies (I am certain at least 12 Slavs will respond to my post. I’m very confident about this. Please don’t disappoint me! SPEAK SLAVORUM MEMBERS! SPEAK TO ME! Or I’ll make that lady on the front page lick your eyeballs. Ugh, ugh, ugh.)

1. “Everything is Illuminated” American dude goes to Ukraine to find out about his ancestors. He hires this guy and his grandfather as his tour guides, translators, researchers. 😀  The American dude is a vegetarian. This is the “vegetarian scene.” Funny, sad and wise film.


2. “Henry V” This movie is awesome. Here is the St. Crispin’s Day speech. ENGLAND.


3. “The Godfather” Italian immigrants to USA make good.


I want to know every Slavorum members favorite movies. It’s research for my book, “What movies do Slavs love?”  Vol I.  Volume II is tentatively titled “What do Slavs eat?”