Olga Kysil

Interesting Facts about Slovakia – a Participating Country at the Ethnovyr Folklore Festival 2018 (August 23-26) in Lviv, Ukraine:

1. There is no Santa Claus in Slovakia. Instead of New Year’s round dances – the carnival of devils;
2. The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, immediately borders on two countries: Austria and Hungary. This is the only capital with such an unusual location;
3. Previously, between Vienna and Bratislava ran an ordinary tram, because the distance between cities is small – 80 kilometers;
4. Salo – national delicacy of the country;5. In the Slovak language there are words consisting exclusively of consonant sounds.

Ethnovyr International Folklore Festival, held under the auspices of the Organization of Festivals of Folklore and Traditional Arts (CIOFF), operates under UNESCO, collects in Lviv collectives from many countries of the world – not only Slavic teams from the Czech Republic, Poland, Macedonia, but also from exotic countries – Martinique (France), Palestine autonomy (Israel), India, Mexico, Cyprus. Extreme dance mines of the Thais combine traditional folklore, ancient temple and vibrant modern dance. Due to its multinationality, Lviv has been reputed as Galytskyy Babylon since ancient times, and the guests of the international folklore festival “Etnovyr” have confirmed this reputation once more. The atmosphere of sincerity, uniqueness and goodness appears exactly when folklores of different nations begin to cooperate organically.



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