Mikhail Galamov

During this era, however, Poland and much of Ukraine and Belarus were inhabited by Germanic peoples.  The Balto-Slavs only migrated here from more Northern lands after the migration of Germanic peoples during the Völkerwanderung, where the Slavs migrated after the Germanic peoples left places including Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and into the Balkans.  Would I discount this theory?  No.  There is always genetics and other things that must be taken into the picture.  Perhaps this village was a Balto-Slavic village (it was Lithuanian for up until the formation of the Rzecz Pospolita, with a stint as part of Rus that saw it settled and Christianised until it once again became part of Lithuania near the end of the Middle Ages).  However, if it was, it was most certainly under Germanic domination until the Völkerwanderung.


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