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That’s another good question.  I was using the term in a generic sense, as a filler for whatever groups were there where Proto-Baltic and Proto-Slavic developed.  I understand how the Slavic languages split from the Baltic languages, and I understand the divisions that occurred, but during the 100s, I’d put the groups together, with a split occurring between the 100s the first documentation of the Sclaveni by the (Eastern) Roman Empire.  I’m not going to declare it a fact, but it is my interpretation of what is there.  For subjects like this, there is poor documentation, if any, and whatever there is are precious for the understanding of our peoples within this time period.  And unfortunately, because of that poor documentation, we cannot put forward any absolutes until the first Sclaveni mentioned, and anything before that are really just some educated guesses, and some others are facts that quite simply cannot be precisely dated because that would be insincere.


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