@kapitan-denis hey, I have a question for you, this seemed like the best thread for that. Do you have any idea what verb “vindzľuvať” means? I was in south central Slovakia few weeks ago, in Hrušov (VK) okres and overheard some old man talking about his day and he used that verb. It sounded like he was working on something, as in repairing, but I’m not sure. It sounded so funny to us that we used it as a multi-tool word for the rest of the trip.

Btw I felt awesome over there, out of all of Slovaks they talk the most similar to us, even the songs we listen and play are mostly the same. Week before that I was in Očová (ZV), it was fun, but we seemed to be the people for the party. But in Hrušov… I will only say that those people who were in Hrušov have reached the levels of alcoholism I never dreamed of. They use beer as water, then when the party starts they just add some hard liquor to their beer, the bartender was genuinely surprised when I told him I don’t want anything strong with my beer. That’s at least during the festival.


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