I spent a couple hours last night detailing the factual mistakes in the video until my computer suddenly turned off, mere minutes before I was going to finish the post. And since this new version of the forum doesn’t save post drafts like the old one, it’s all gone and I can’t really be bothered to write it anew. So, to answer your question, the mistake in the first sentence is the claim that the Bulgars were first mentioned in the 4th century as one of five barbarian hordes in China – the Bulgars were indeed first mentioned in the 4th century, but in Europe, north of the Caucasus Mountains, not in China (there are no mentions of Bulgars in China at all, actually, though separate scholars do try to connect them with other tribes in the area, like the Tocharians, Yuezhi, Dinglings etc). Other glaring mistakes, off the top of my head, were f.e. the claims that in 1908 Bulgaria was enlarged (while it only gained independence, no territorial changes), that the current borders of Bulgaria were set in the Bucharest treaty in 1913 (they were actually set in WW2), that Bulgaria became a republic in 1919 (it became a people’s republic in 1946 and a democratic republic in 1990) etc. There was also the expected general over-focusing on Serbia and a few other not-so-significant details, while on the other hand neglecting (or conveniently forgetting) other important ones. But that’s nothing new, nor the worst one yet for that channel.


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