“there is no continuity between their country and the modern Slavic”

In fact there is a continuity between Ostrogoths and modern Slavics because all Slavic languages have many loan words borrowed from Gothic language in the epoch when Ostrogoths state existed on the territory of today Ukraine. It proves that ancient Slavs either lived in Ostrogoths state or (and?) lived in immediate proximity to it being under strong Gothic cultural influence (Kiev culture to the North of Chernyakhov culture usually considered as Slavic one).

I did not claim that today Ukraine is a continuation of Ostrogoths state. But Ostrogoths state borders (which can be determined by borders of Chernyakhov culture) are surprisingly close to the borders of today Ukraine. So we may consider Ostrogoths state as a first “Ukrainian” state in geopolitical sense.

We may also consider Vandal state on the territory of today Poland (Przeworsk culture) as a first “Polish” state in geopolitical sense.


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