Unfortunately it’s not Egyptian or Phoenician.
It’s Balt (Latvian).

(YouTube provides English subtitles as well)

Balt and Slavic languages are close. Because of this they are sometimes put in one Balto-Slavic language group. Many linguists believe that both Balt and Slavic languages are derived from common ancestor: Balto-Slavic language. So Balts and Slavs are “cousins”.

There is also an exotic theory that all Slavic languages are derived from one ancient Balt dialect. In this case Slavs are Balts “children”.

In lyrics one can find obvious Balt-Slav parallels:

“erglis” (eagle) resembles at the same time both Slavic “orel” and English “eagle”, proving that both words are derived from the common root.

“gliemež” (snail), compare Czech “hlemýžď”(snail)

“muša”(fly) compare Slavic “muška” (small fly)

“nes” (form of “to bring”?) compare Slavic “nesti”(to bring)

“trusis”(rabbit) compare Russian “трус” (coward, rabbit)

“uzlej” (form of “to pour”) compare Slavic “lej” (form of “liti” – “to pour”)

“ zaļai”(green) compare Slavic “zelen”(short form of “green”)


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