Mikhail Galamov


Thankfully it’s just fiction.  These Soviets that did this can thankfully be relegated to being the fictions they are.  And I am not proud of such history, especially since these are Soviet scientists in the story, not just Russians.  And Soviet history is unfortunately shared from the shores of Klaipeda to the Far East of Russia.  What’s more unfortunate though, is that experiments of similarly cruel nature, judging by the absolute evil of the Soviet machine during its so-called Golden Age (before Gorbechëv), would not have received inhibition from the higher-ups.  So no, I am not proud of any of the similar histories that have occurred within Soviet borders, and the only thing I can be proud of, if possible, is the victory in Europe in 1945.  After that, it’s just a history of crimes upon crimes to maintain a system that was already going to fail once Stalin finally died.


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