Thankfully it’s just fiction.
Really? There is no mention in the text that it’s a fiction.
And unfortunately it is not a fiction since sleep deprivation really was a torture frequently used by Stalin’s NKVD.

And I am not proud of such history, especially since these are Soviet scientists in the story, not just Russians.
You may not worry a lot about it since according to your profile You are a US citizen of Ukrainian origin.

And Soviet history is unfortunately shared from the shores of Klaipeda to the Far East of Russia.
Yes, unfortunately. But problem is that Klaipeda’s inhabitants did not want to share this history with Russians. They were forced to do it by Soviet tanks.
Moreover as far as I know Russia had declared itself as the only legal successor of Soviet Union. It means that Russians agreed that only they are legally responsible for Soviet crimes.

only thing I can be proud of, if possible, is the victory in Europe in 1945
The result of this victory was the fact that regimes similar to Stalin’s one were established in many European countries. I hope that You are not proud exactly of this fact.


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