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    10 Locations in Czech Republic That Will Make You Go Crazy About It

    If you enjoy gothic architecture, deep woods, good beer, pretty people and Europe in general than Cz…

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    I love the Czech Republic, so European, so civilized! :)



    Český Krumlov is one of the most beautiful place on Europe. ;) I recommend kayaks.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Enjoyed my time in Prague and Karlovy vary :)



    Oh, nice! I have family in Brno, but Prague has long been on top on my list of places to visit. And it seems there’s even quite more to Czechia than that.
    P.S. That Karlstejn Castle though – wow!



    Great to see us getting some slavic recognition. Hate being called German. Love the list btw.



    I like Karlstejn Castle. Been there a few times. It’s not far away from Prague and it’s a beautiful place to visit. Also, if you go there I recommend you try the ice cream, I think they are called Gelarto or something similar, it’s the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. It’s located at the beginning of the main promenade that leads to the Castle.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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