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    10 Most Famous Slavic Warlords In History

    We have decided to make a list of most awesome Slavic warlords, war heroes and national icons for yo…

    Read the full story here

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Awesome list! :) Jan Žižka looks especially badass with an eye patch :D



    I don’t think Alexander the Great belongs to this list, not if it’s named like this. There are plenty of great warlords, members of Serbian and Bulgarian medieval nobility who reigned over Macedonia or some of Macedonians heroes who fought Ottomans. Other than that great article.



    King Marko from Prilep in Macedonia



    Really nice page!!maybe one day one page could speak of the great battle the slavic people was involved^^



    Idja is very interesting. Although I object to the Zrinjski, Obilic and Alexander, I would say Nicholas I Prince and King of Montenegro, which is of the then European countries recognized the emperor hero, after dazzling battle at Grahovac. Also Doclean King Michael, who destroyed disproportionately more numerous Byzantine army at the Battle of Tuđemili. National heroes are counted in the hundreds on my mind dropping Nikac of Rovine, Novak Ramov, Mirko Petrović, Sava Kovačević,…



    Macedonians of today are DIRECT descendants of the Ancient Macedonians

    Ancient Quotes on the Macedonians as Distinct Nation

    MACEDONIA http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/26759.htm



    Your entry #10 has a seemingly small, but quite important mistake. Tvrtko’s title was not King of Bosnia and Serbia, but rather King of Serbs, Bosnia and the Seaside. That mistake is being often repeated and overlooked, because of the incorrect translation. “Твртко, краљ Србљем, Босни и Приморју” is correctly translated as “Tvrtko, King of Serbs (the people), Bosnia and Seaside”, which is a wholly different thing than King of Serbia (country/region).



    In Macedonia even the Gypsies are descendents of Alexander the Great.



    Alexander the Great SLAVIC warlord ??? Man, that goes too far …



    @”MACEDONIANS AND NOTHING ELSE” of course Macedonians have some genetic similarity to ancient Macedonians, if they some research they’ll probably get the same result with Bulgarians, Serbs and Albanians. People mixed thru history. Macedonians are Slavic nation, whether you like it or not. I know the easiest way for you to prove to whole world that you are truly descendants of Alexander, speak his language, practice ancient Macedonian customs, show us that culture, all you do now is speaking Slavic language, dressed in Slavic clothes, practicing Slavic customs…



    MACEDONIANS AND NOTHING ELSE Vi imate veze sa antickim Makedoncima koliko i Srbi sa Rimljanima ili Ilirima,ako je Aleksandar Makedonski (slovenski Makedonac),onda je i Konstantin Veliki (slovenski Srbin)



    ‘GREATEST KING” of all time is “KING TOMISLAV”…..no-mention???….really???



    SRSLY ALexander the great???? Alexander wasnt salvic but he was a greek from the teretory of macedonia,pls learn some history. And for a Serbian warlord i would better put emperor Dusan or Djuradj Brankovic and not Milos Obilic,yes ki killed the sultan,but Djuradj Brankovic defeated the ottoman army on his side,and emperor Dusan conquered a large teretory in the balkan,making medival serbia an empire



    It’s ok to be jealous, WE are Macedonians.

    Vo red je da zavidite, MI smo Makedonci.

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