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    10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Warsaw

    Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of one glorious country, Poland! Now your knowledge on Poland or Warsaw could be sparse, but let us help you a bit then. It’s just over 260 kilometers away from the beautiful (but cold) Baltic sea and 300 kilometers from Carpathian Mountains.

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    I love visiting and discovering Warsaw, this summer I’m planning on going too! I love all those restaurants and bars where you can spend a great afternoon with friends. I love all the cozy bars all around the city. My personal favourite is called Bubbles and it is localized in the Old Town. They have incredible champagnes and sparkling wines as well as delicious meals. For me it is number one in Warsaw.



    I never understood why people visit big cities. Exclusively at least. Seriously, coming to Poland so you can drink a beer in Warsaw and exchange money there is a waste of time.




    I feel the exact same way about big cities in the US. I’ve been to Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso in Texas, Los Angeles in California, Las Vegas in Nevada, St. Louis, Nashville, Phoenix, and several others, and within those cities, everything feels the same. Why go someplace if you’re not going to explore outside the realm of crowded highways and vast skyscrapers? The “city” parts of all these places are essentially the same.




    There is however a big difference between American cities and European ones, I guess mainly older parts of these cities. You can find various castles and palaces there (you can find them also in smaller cities/towns and you won’t see any exagerrated prices being a result of tourism). I read the fact that plenty of buildings and other sights are older than the United States and still in use is one of main factors why Americans (and New Worlders in general) are interested in visiting Europe. Plus, in Europe after crossing the border with a neighbouring country you basically enter slightly different reality, sometimes the differences are visible within one country.

    I’d say visiting specifically Warsaw makes sense if you are interested in anything that Warsaw may provide, it is if you want to see a particular column that is only in Warsaw then sure – but then I’d not limit myself to that. Going outside the city, talking with the locals, visiting places not mentioned in every single tourist guide is what visiting a country means.



    Slavic cities, towns, villages seem like magical places to me. 




    Yea. :D



    @”Kapitán Denis” The Magical World of Post-Soviet Communism?  :D



    @Karpivna Well, yea. Those cities in Siberia are ex-gulags founded during Stalin’s rule. They’re nothing but a bunch of apartments of brutalist architecture. As there were no historical buildings and because commies loved this type of architecture, they look depressing. At least they’re painted now. :)



    This place is good for practising magic:



    The main reason for me – food :smiley: Polish food is incredible and in Warsaw you can find a Polish restaurant on every corner. The best one that I have been to so far is located in Mokotow and it is called the Akademia. They specialize in Polish cuisine but add a modern twist to it. Everything there is so delicious! For me it is a must when it comes to the culinary side of this city.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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