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    10 Slavic Gods You Should Know About

    Slavic pantheon is rich like in the case of Greek, Roman, Egyptian and other ancient groups of deities. It is impossible to mention all of the Slavic gods in one article, and each region had own local deities.

    Read the full story here



    What the hell is Berstuk, never head of that one :D



    @Kat, it’s a Polabian deity.



    we need more  articles like this



    berstuk sounds much like “borsuk” – a badger in eastern Slovak dialect



    @Jozinko, borsuk is the same first thing that came to my mind at first ;)



    The Slavorum e-book was my introduction to the Slavic Gods. A few pages from the book. I love it to this day.



    BTW, since Svarog is a god of fire and blacksmithing, Is the word Svarog a cognate with Slovak words zvar (weld), zvárať (to weld)… or am I tripping again? Also variť means to cook, but also boil. Zvariť literally means “to boil together”.



    @”Kapitán Denis”

    Researchers suggested that etymology of Svarog has Indo-Aryan origins from Svarga – sky, skyey in English.
    Vasmer suggested in his dictionary of etymology which is dated a little that Svarog has the same etymology with svar – svarytysya in Ukrainian, svarycca – Belarusian, svara – Russian . To scold in English.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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