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    10 Things That Mean You Are Polish

    Did you ever wonder what makes a person Polish? We mean, what are those little things that all Poles…

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    8. When you post on internet forums how awesome Hussar Winged Calvary were. AHAHAHA :D so true

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    One can’t disagree about Kielbasa :)



    I think there are few main features that are missing above.

    1. Overusing “kurwa”. Everywhere, on every occasion, a lot.
    2. Being an asshole – when a Pole is in a company of two other Poles and one non-Pole, they speak Polish.

    And some more, but I don’t want to be accused of:

    a) being anti-Polish,
    b) being a sexist,
    c) being rude.

    So I’ll remain silent here.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @GaiusCoriolanus League of Legends should be mentioned here as well :D



    Ha ha ha I’ve just learned that I’m not polish at all xD



    I hope that you are aware that Polka is a Czech dance, not Polish ;) Maybe American Polonia doesn’t know about it, but that’s the way it is~



    Number 9

    Poles are not the only people who use the word herbata for tea. Along with chaj, a similar word exists in Belarusian — harbata. That maybe Polish influence.



    Slavic word for a traditional drink made of herbs brewed with boiled water is ‘advar’ in Belarusian, ‘otvar’ in Russian. ‘Wywar’ in Polish? For example, wywar z biodra róż (rose hips tea).



    not sure if that makes you Polish, and yes we love speaking Polish only when with other Poles, what a relief to speak your language



    So trueeee!

    Kto nie skacze, ten z Niemiec



    Funny thing bout the pierogi, only the ones called russian contain potatooes. Other dumplings have nothing to do with potatoes. Not nice :(



    Wywar z biodra roz :) muahaha :D



    Roseship tea is unheard of in Poland ? Or it’s called something else?



    Point 3.

    You are Polish when you know everything better even if you are wrong.

    PS. @Zuzanna Rzeszewska, there are “pierogi” with potatoes, it is not a mystery. These are the only one which I am able to eat.

    @Sviatogor, there is “herbata różana”. Although it has nothing to do with “biodro”, as it is a part of body. :) The noun “hip” has both meanings – first: part of body [biodro], second: fruit of wild rose [owoc dzikiej róży]. So simply it is “herbata różana”.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)

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