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    15 Mysteries Of The Long Russian History

    Russia – is a puzzle, wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a riddle. Those are the words of Winston Churchill when he shared his view on Russia. Old legendary tales of the Rus, the runes, the magic of it’s landscape or the tales of Slavic spirituality all make a mixture that Russia is today.

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    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    I wonder how geopolitical world politics would look today if it wasn’t sold :D



    1 Rus(Русь) light, sunlight. 2 Rurik – grandson of Novgorog knyaz – Gostomisl. he is not started, but continued. original name of Rugen – Buyan(Ruyan). 3 mongol-tatar yoke – historical fake.6,7 in 17-18 century historians distort all about tsar Ivan. 8 Peter the 1 was replaced during his European tour. and person who called himself Peter the 1 was ruin old Russian traditions and let Europeans sell alcohol and tobacco in Russia. 9 ship from London probably was never send.10 execution of royal family is big Q itself. there is no 100% proof of it happened. 13 main role in revolution of 1917 played by Parvus Israel Lazar and Bronsteyn Leiba David, who came to Russia from USA,with big help of German and US banks. 14 – this is suppose to be separate theme, too big to answer in a couple of words.



    @Hortdlak Can you name one relevant source in which Gostomisl is a real figure. Historics are more then less sure that he is a mythical figure. Do you know anything more about him?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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