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    Awesome! Only if it could reach everyone in this world who thinks that Bulgaria is a third-world country and like to ask the question: “what language do you guys speak there?” or to make the comment: “your country sucks because it was part of the Soviet Block”. Thanks for sharing!



    20 Facts About Bulgaria That You Didn’t Know

    So there is some trend going on with facts about countries and our member StarOfTheSea94 decided to …

    Read the full story here

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Had no idea about computer facts 😮 Very cool, thank you @StarOfTheSea94



    Some of those facts are seriously very cool ,and interesting! But the “yes” and “no” signalisation is strange ;P



    It’s more accurate to say that Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe, which hasn’t changed its name since it was founded. Also, the second picture is of a Thracian treasure, not the Varna one. And I think the Italians beat us by an year with the air-dropped bomb (though I think ours was made specifically with that intent, while the Italians just dropped ordinary hand grenades). As for the calendar – I’ve searched about it and haven’t found any official documents from UNESCO (if anyone finds something – please, tell me).

    P.S. And, of course, there can be many, many more interesting factoids that could potentially have been included.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @GolemyGniew yeah i don’t get the nodding part as well? :D how did you @NikeBG develop this?



    How did I/we develop the nodding/shaking part? It seems to be present in other countries in the region, too, so it might be an Ottoman or Byzantine legacy.



    @NikeBG I checked the information about the air-dropped bomb and like you said it was grenades the Italians used so I decided to add it.. about the calendar.. there are so many sites that it’s written like that so I decided to add this one too :D If you can add some more facts it would be nice ^^



    >If you can add some more facts it would be nice ^^

    Nah, 20 is plenty. (Say it out loud!)



    @StarOfTheSea94 You’d be surprised how many things are claimed en masse, but are in fact quite unsubstantiated. I’ve learned the hard way to keep a healthy scepticism about everything, especially about a claim I can’t check. Still, one can never hope to check all the claims one encounters…

    – Otherwise, off the top of my head, a WW2 fact: Bulgaria is the only Axis country to leave the war with a territorial increase (Southern Dobrudzha) and the only ally of Hitler (and one of the only two European countries in general, alongside Denmark) to save all its Jews within its official borders (with the accent on *official*, for those who’d point out to Macedonia and Thrace, of course).
    – Besides the first designed air-bombs, from the same time period (and siege) the Bulgarian military invented the “fire wall” (огневи вал) technique (an artillery barrage, moving ahead of an advancing infantry).
    – Also, besides John Atanasoff inventing the first electronic digital computer (with the first mechanical computer being German, or even ancient Greek), there’s also Petar Petrov, who invented the digital wrist-watch.
    – Besides the creation of the Cyrillic script and the Bulgarian church being the oldest Slavic Orthodox church, it could be pointed out that this was a significant breakthrough in church history, arguably equal to the official recognition by the Romans of the Bulgarian ruler as an emperor (the only other country with such recognition was the Frankish Empire of Charlemagne and even that wasn’t as clear-cut). As Paisius has famously said, out of all the Slavs, the Bulgarians had the first tsar, the first patriarch, the first saints…
    – Tervel’s participation in the Second Arab siege of Constantinople in 717-718, for which he was allegedly called “The saviour of Europe”, is also worthy of mention (though I personally find our role there being way too overhyped lately).
    Dan Kolov, the great wrestler, with his nearly 1500 victories and only 2 or 3 losses.
    – Also, I’d mention that the performance of our football team in the 1994 World Cup inspired J. K. Rowling to include us in the Harry Potter books, Viktor Krum possibly being based on Hristo Stoichkov.
    The Antarctic treaty and our space age – Bulgaria is one of the few countries, which have a research station and field camp in Antarctica. Besides this, Bulgaria also has established traditions in space exploration, being the sixth country in the world to send astronauts to space and third to produce space food (which has since become a sort of speciality of the Bulgarian space industry).
    Sofia is the second oldest capital in Europe and probably the only big European city right next to a mountain, whereas Plovdiv is the 6th oldest city in the world. In that regard, Bulgaria and the Balkans in general are home to Europe’s oldest civilization – the so-called Old Europe or the Danube Valley civilization.
    – Various established traditions, like the martenitsa, nestinari, kukeri, even name-days (though not specifically unique to us) etc. are interesting as well.
    – Though, personally for me, the most fascinating thing about Bulgaria is its diversity – not only natural (sea, mountains, plains), but especially historical – at least 7 civilizations have left their deep marks on our lands, and countless empires, kingdoms and tribes have passed through at one time or another (heck, even Persia controlled a part of our lands for awhile).

    Even some more can be found here as well:

    Edit: Oh, and just for fun, possibly the most successful Bulgarian video on YouTube: :D



    Please use this clip for the song. The quality is much better:



    When we (because i am from Bulgaria) were under Ottoman rule (or slavery) many Bulgarians were forced to change their faith – in most cases forcibly. When Turk has put his knife under the neck of a Bulgarian and asked him whether he wanted to change his faith, he had to respond with a nod of his head. If you say “no” – the way in which all other do (shake his head from side to side), it is meant to slide the knife in his neck and die. Thats why he was doing the sign ‘yes’, but in fact he was thinking “no.” And from there – when shaking his head up and down we actually think “no,” but when you rocking from side to side – is “yes.”

    I do not know how reliablethis is, but it’s one of the legends i know :)



    До NikeBG,

    Харесва ми коментарът, добре опоменати са много от малко-известните ни цивилизационни вършини, но не мога да кажа, че съм съгласен с включването на огевият вал. До колкото аз знам тази стратегия за пръв път е използвана от англичаните през 1915, малко след започването на окопната фаза на ПСВ.

    Също така смятам, че твърде много се побългарява всеизвестнит Джон Атанасов. От Вашият коментар едва ли не се подразбира, че той е чист българин, което е смешно, имайки пред вид, че той има не само българска кръв, но и ирландска и френска. Да не говорим, че е роден в САЩ и е съмнително дали някога воубще е бил в България.

    Относно самата статия, отново се парадира с първата въздушна бомбандировка. За съжаление не са много тези които знаят, че не сме първите които извършват атака въздух-земя. Ние сме първите които използват специално предназначени бомби за целтта, а първият, ако не се бъркам, е италянец, който хвърля гранати от самолета си.

    Емил Ефендулов

    Чак сега виждам старите Ви коментари, явно не беше нужно да споменавам въздушната атака.

    Относно запитването за календара: наистина е така, факт е. Точността на нашият календар е свързана с още едно интересно явление. Преди около 3100 години (не помня колко точно бяха вече) на територията на днешен Китай два древни народа са провели голяма битка. Едните са китайците, които са имали изключително числено превъзходство, а другите – неизвестни. Неизвестните са били напълно наясно, че нямат никакъв шанс и са решили да използват интересна стратегия – изчислили са кога ще е следващото слънчево затъмнение и са атакували, знаейки, че китайците няма как да знаят кога е то и ще се изплашат, смятайки го за лоша поличба. Неизвестното номадско племе разгромява противника и потъва в дълбините на историята. Къде е интересният нюанс – българският е най-древният календар, познат на историята, който е достатъчно точен да изчисли кога предстои затъмнение.

    Всеки сам си прави изводи, но нека не забравяме – това са само хипотези :)



    #21 – Bulgarians are not slavs.



    Because Emil, look at this and than talk about how John Atanasov, never came back in Bulgaria http://www.johnatanasoff.com/pride_in_Bulgaria.php
    Also yes he had french and Irish ancestor line, BUT they were both from his mother side, which is born in USA. His father is 100% Bulgarian, a refugee from the April uprising.

    TheLogothete Slavs are essential part of modern day Bulgarians’ identity, culture and tradition. We unite proto Bulgarian, Slavic and Thracian.

    About the arab siege of Konstantinopol, yes our role was HUGE! Depending on the spring that you use, arabs had between 150 000 and 300 000 warriors. The Byzintine Empire was in really bad situation. Khan Tervel made a clash with the arabs and forced them to dug themselfs. Then he just waited. They tried to escape a few times but without any success. He kept them in this situations for so long that after they ate their horses, they started eating stones. They were afraid by the Bulgarians, not the Konstantionpol’s walls. The fact that the Pope made Tervel SAINT after HIS victory says a lot how big indeed was the Bulgarian impact against the islamization of Europe.

    Other fact that are worth mentioning, without being too boring, is that Bulgaria actually had 3 medieval states. Along with Danube (Asparuh) Bulgaria, we have Kara (dark, black) Bulgaria which is something like March or Vassal with more rights under the Khazars. BUT they had so much power, that when Khazaria decided to go jewish, they did uprise and that was the end of the Khazars.

    The third one is Volga Bulgaria. This is in today’s Russia (Kazan). Actually Kazan’s old name is Bulgar. They were the only country in the region that managed to push away the Huns.

    Speaking of Volga Bulgaria, they have much more in common with Bulgarian’s country on the Balkans – their goodness. Both countries helped their WORST enemies, when starvation broke out. In Danube Bulgaria this was in 1307-1308 Tsar Theodor Svetoslav sends ships from Dobrogea in Konstantinopol to save the greeks from starvation. In 1229 Volga Bulgaria sends 30 ships with wheat upstream of Volga to the Russian to save them from starvation.

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