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    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    So you heard about Macedonia before, you heard about Alexander the Great and you heard about this nation being mentioned in history books. However you
    [See the full post at: 20 Facts About Macedonia You Didn’t Know]


    Sergey Stamov

    These “facts” are full nonsense!


    Vedran Fabijan Faber

    I love Macedonia…i was only once..but i will come again 8)


    Kristian Szkwarek

    Fact Nr. 1 : A made up identity by the Yugoslavs over the indigeneus Bulgarian population.


    Stefan Serafimovski

    Fact n.2: Fuck off !


    Kristian Szkwarek

    Fact Nr. 3 : “Macedonian language” was artificially created in 1945 at the St. Prohor Pčinjski Monastery by the Comintern who took the Bulgarian Macedonian dialect and changed numerous endings and words to make it different.


    Armin Andrijanic-Bajramovic

    Here comes the self-loathing and politically correct Slav that aims for a Brussels carrier to teach the Macedonians about their history as if he had the right to do so.I wouldn’t be surprised if he is studying somewhere in the West,he has already adopted their insolent arrogance and putrid stupidity which is hidden beneath a think layer of of certainty.

    One more thing,Wikipedia is trying to hard to compare Yugoslavia to the early Soviet Union in many visible ways.

    The discreditation tactic is usually used when someone has no reliable argument so he has to play on the effectivity and subjectivity of shock therapies and emotional reactions to troublesome stories.


    Kristian Szkwarek

    😀 Good one Armin, you have me sized up pretty well. But if saying this simple historical fact about the “Macedonians” makes me a “Brussels-career, western-taught, self-hating slav” does that mean 9 million Bulgarians around the world are such too?

    PS. How am i “politically correct”, when denying the existence of an entire fake “nation” is the very opposite of that? 😀 You got a bit carried away there with your wanna-be anti-western panslavist tirade.


    Борис Георгиев

    I am fucking enraged. What the fuck is with #11 fact? Are you fuckers serious? First of all the Cyrrilic was not developed in macedonia by Cyril and Methodius and it was developed in Bulgaria! And they are greek! And Alexander the great? Fuck this shit. And #18? There was no fucking macedonia but Bulgaria!


    Armin Andrijanic-Bajramovic

    Kristian Szkwarek Just because i’m more than ready to point out historical facts regarding the inherent malevolence of Western Europe in the case of Slavic history doesn’t make anti-western at all.

    The part about you being politically correct is a convoluted mockery,in case you haven’t noticed and it’s also a reference to your strong desire to be something that you’re not by affiliating yourself with a civilization whose members always wanted to eradicate your culture from the face of the earth.It could also be an advanced form of a Stockholm syndrome,but you wouldn’t be the first post-Soviet spawn to suffer from it.The same counts for the self-hating Slav reference,which is more than obvious given the form and quality of your previous comments on various other topics.

    This is an issue for Bulgarians and Macedonians only and i would advise you not to interfere because you lack the necessary understanding of their complicated relations.


    Kristian Szkwarek

    1. It is obvious by your tirades here you are deeply fanatical pan-slavist who sees “the enemy” on every corner and somehow believes any form of criticism of one slav towards another makes him “affiliating himself with the west” or whatever bullshit. Like we must be robots who speak with one voice or else we have “Stockholm syndrome”. Despite the fact Russia for example has killed far more Slavs and caused far more suffering in the Slavic world than any “Western Nation”.

    2. How do you know i am not Bulgarian or “Macedonian” to exclude me from the issue?


    Kristian Szkwarek

    Cyricllic was invented in the Preslav Literary School in Bulgaria and only named after Cyrill.


    Борис Георгиев

    Българи сте бе ” македонци” такива


    Rastivoje Munižaba

    Some historical issues are hilarious, among these facts. Macedonia doesn’t have an unique history. History of Macedonia is some crossbreed of Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian history.


    Филип Јакимовски

    Bulgarians at the time of St. Clement and Naum were still Turkic tribe, with St. Clement their slavonization began. So how can Cyril and Methodius and Clement and Naum be Bulgarians?

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