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    20 Facts About Macedonia You Didn’t Know

    So you heard about Macedonia before, you heard about Alexander the Great and you heard about this na…

    Read the full story here

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Had no idea about internet, wow impressed :D Slovenia got a rival in size.



    Why there is no fact about the Mine Alshar that contains minerals that are found nowhere else on the planet.
    Or about the Ohrid Pearls, Struga Evening Poetry, Ohrid’s 365 churches, the Ajvar and Ljutenica as macedonian products, the Waterfalls in Smolari, Koleshino (both near Strumica), Bigorski Monastery and etc



    @Михајло Донев, because nobody cares




    Counter-terrorists win.



    Thanks. Nice. …Just to add: Cyrillic alphabet was derived from Hlaholika, which was revealed to st. Cyril after prayers, for old Slovaks/Slovens. St. Clement and st. Naum were disciples of st. Cyril and st. Metod and after they were expelled from reign of Svätopluk (todays Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary and other), they found school (university? academy?) in Ohrid, modelled in according to first school in Sloven´s reign, probably at the Devin/Dovina (next to todays Bratislava). School at Ohrid is not first but second.



    :D I’m sorry to say but the Cyrillic script was not made by the Greek brothers Cyril and Methodius… it was developed in the First Bulgarian Empire at the Preslav Literary School by their disciples. Cyril and Methodius made the Glagolitic alphabet. It’s thought that the Cyrillic was made by Clement.
    Only reliable facts please…



    1ви април – професионален празник на Македонските историци !!!



    @GolemyGniew maybe Albanians have a oil rich territory and Macedonian intelligence made this terrorist action in order to have a reason to conquer these fields.



    @Kat – your theory sounds like the german propaganda about Poland attacking german outpost. What makes you say that? This group was a radical muslim group and part of Macedonia they attacked have a hell of a lot of the Albanians there. So it looks more like Russia and Crimea. I wouldnt be angry if Slavs would have reconquer Kosovo.



    I don’t know if we should discuss the recent events in Macedonia here, but if we do, just to clear some facts, since I saw so much bulls**t in foreign media these days.
    The group was consisted primarily of Kosovo citizens, with only few Macedonian Albanians among them. All of them are veterans from previous wars. They had no clear motive for their gathering, they haven’t made any demands, according to the police they were planning attacks on public buildings. Plus, inter-ethnic relations have never been so good in Macedonia in the last year or two.
    Most logical conclusion is that these terrorist got themselves active on some third party’s demand. But who? There are two main theories. One is that the terrorists were paid by foreign services to create tensions in Macedonia and thus somehow prevent the country to participate in the upcoming gas pipeline project Turkish Stream, which is the alternative to the abandoned Southern Stream; where Macedonia might be a key link. The second is that the group was paid by the Government, trying to move the focus away from the current phone tapping mega-scandal it’s put in. Both are equally plausible and equally terrifying.
    So just to be clear: there were no terrorist attacks, there was police action to prevent them and there are no ethnic clashes.



    17 intresting fact



    @StarOfTheSea94 it seems like you’re Bulgarian and I have to correct you about something.
    The Cyrillic alphabet was also developed in Ohrid by Kiril and Metody’s students St.Kliment and St.Naum in 10th century in order to simplify the Glagolitic just like @JozefMJ said and the name Cyrillic is to honor their teacher St.Kiril.



    Considering the earliest uses of the Cyrillic alphabet can be found in the area of the Preslav School, as well as the fact that it was exactly the Preslav School which most easily and quickly adopted the Cyrillic alphabet, while the Ohrid School kept using the Glagolithic for a few more centuries, I’d say it’s much more likely that St. Kliment actually devised the so-called Rounded Glagolithic, which is exactly what his Life says (that he invented an easier-to-write form of the same letters, not new letters).

    As for the creator of the Cyrillic in this case – it could have been St. Naum, while he was staying in Preslav, or it could have been some of the other disciples of Sts. Cyril and Methodius who had returned from Constantinople (hence why Cyrillic is heavily based on the Greek alphabet, which itself had an established tradition in the Pliska-Preslav court).

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