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    20 Facts About Serbia That You Didn’t Know

    Serbia is a land that also has it’s secrets and unknown facts that might spark an further interest t…

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    not some facts, knew almost all of them maybe that one crazy about football, yeah but not as south americans, serbians love basketball too , i think football is popular equaly in all slavic countrys



    @”Eddie Gunner” people here are pretty crazy about it, especially when it comes to national team or two biggest clubs FK Crvena Zvezda and FK Partizan. South America is different world :)

    That’s just to welcome home U20 national team after beating Brasil in U20 world cup and wining championship.



    Where is Serbian sport?



    #16 Fact – Early settlers is not true. Serbs are the descendants of the Illyrians. They use letter with forerunner of 8,000 years B.C. and most of those Roman emperors was Serbian origin, Achilles was also a Serb like Alexander the Macedonian. The first Serbian car was Nino Belov, also conqueror whose footsteps followed Alexander. You have a lot of facts concerning Serbia, most is prohibited most deliberately forgotten with the influence of the Vatican. The swastika is a Serbian cultural heritage from the Middle Ages and Hitler was abused that.. The most similar DNA Serbs have with Irish, and so on..



    Serbs are firstly a basketball nation! We won 5 world gold medals, 8 European gold medals and bunch of silvers and bronzes.



    @”Марко Јовановић” Number of people actually believing Deretić’s theories is too damn high.



    01. Most Serbian last names end with the letters “ic”.
    02. In 274 AD, Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor was born in the Serbian city of Nis.
    03. The only Serbian word that is accepted and used across the world is “vampire”.
    04. The Serbian clock-making industry is even older than the world-famous Swiss one. The Serbs had their own clock 600 years before the Swiss did.
    05. Europe’s largest gorge, the Djerdap Gorge is situated in Serbia. The mighty Danube river flows through it.
    06. Archaeological site Lepenski vir was the homeland of the first civilization in Europe that made the sculpture and to more than 7,000 years
    07. The first kafana (local bistro) in Europe was opened in Belgrade, in Dorcol in 1522, and served only black coffee
    08. The first aerial dogfight occurred during the Battle of Cer (15–24 August 1914), when a Serbian aviator encountered an Austro-Hungarian plane while performing a reconnaissance mission over Austro-Hungarian positions. The Austro-Hungarian pilot initially waved while the Serbian pilot reciprocated. The Austro-Hungarian pilot then fired at Serbian aviator Tomić with his revolver. Tomić managed to escape, and, within several weeks, all Serbian and Austro-Hungarian planes were fitted with machine-guns.
    09. Deliblato Sands is the largest European continental sands
    10. Chapel of Peace in town of Sremski Karlovci was the first place in history where the roundtable was used during international negotiations
    11. Melting metals, for the first time in human history, began in the village of Veliko Laole near Petrovac na Mlavi, on the site of Belovode, 5400 BC
    12. The decision to split Roman Empire into Eastern and Western was made in Mediana , Nis
    13. Serbia has about 360 sources of thermal and thermo-mineral water with temperatures up to 110 degrees
    14. Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica) was at the peak of its grandeur in the
    third century A.C. (295 A.C.) when it was pronounced one of the four capitals of
    the Roman Empire



    First # 6 almost all countries of the world have different state and civil flag. Much rarer are examples where a design is used for all applications. For example, Montenegro has a unique design for military and civil, and the national flag for use on land, at sea and in the air, and the flag is called the national flag at vexillologic rules.
    Next # 10 manuscript Miroslav’s gospel is a cultural monument of Zeta not Serbia. If you are not known to Vuk’s language in Serbia is not used the letter “Đ” and “Ć”, they imbued the letter, which is used in Zeta centuries earlier. “Ć” is incurred when inverting the letters “Č” and setting the horizontal dijakrite over tails up. Also, the letter “Đ” is our tumbling letters ‘”DŽ” and setting the horizontal dijakrite over tails up.
    Next # 12 Karađorđević from the Albanian tribe Kelmendi.
    # 14 White angel painted by the Greek painter, but it is true that it is in the Serbian church.
    # 17 Ćelekula was not made by the head of the rebels in the First Serbian Uprising. The first Serbian uprising was not against the Ottoman rule, but rebel against the local Muslims who wanted to become independent of the central authorities in Constantinople .
    # 19 Tesla was a Serb just because his father was an Orthodox priest. Otherwise Tesla from Montenegro the tribe Banjani. Tesla is to the question his nationality when entering the United States, said the Austrian, while in America claimed that an American. With Serbia and the Serbs, and Croats, had nothing to do.



    American view of nationality is different than our’s. To them it equals citizenship, so Tesla, an Austrian citizen was Austrian in their view. Have you ever heard that some famous man, who lived in USA was referred to as something different than American? No, they are always American of some heritage.
    In those times Montenegrins considered themselves Serbs, in fact everyone speaking Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian and being Orthodox Christian was considered a Serb. Montenegrin was just geographical term. Those are facts, I’m not trying to provoke some conflict on national or ethnic level.
    Ćelekula was built out of skulls of Serbian rebels. After the battle of Čegar, the Turkish Grand Vizier of Niš, Hurshid Pasha, ordered that the heads of Sinđelić and his men be skinned, stuffed and sent to the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II. The skulls were then returned to Niš, where the Turks built Skull Tower as a warning to future generations intending to revolt against the Ottoman Empire.
    Mileševa was built by Serbian king Stefan Vladislav I, nobles in medieval Europe often hired foreign artists. White Angel being painted by a Greek is irrelevant fact, it’s like saying that Burj Khalifa isn’t symbol of Dubai because Americans created it.
    Zeta was ruled by Serbia royalty, Miroslav who ordered the gospel was brother of Serbian ruler. Montenegrins and Serbs are one nation, at least they were back then.
    I don’t know much about Karađorđevićs, but they got their Surname after Karađorđe, leader of the First Serbian Upraising, he himself was Petrović. Are you telling me that Petrovićs are Albanians?



    There are a lot of better facts you could have put.



    @Dušan old friend, capturing the nation’s actually everywhere in the world equally, that we do not know what the nation is our problem.Tesla considered himself Austria’s because the protocol existed columns and citizenship and nationality and hi was told that the Austrian. Of course we are all citizens of the United States nationality and Americans know very well that their ethnic origin.
    At that time, as well as everyone else, Montenegrins themselves are not considered Serbs. If anyone asked them, they made it clear that they were ethnic Montenegrins and Serbs by faith or Orthodox.Equating the church allegiance to ethnicity is a result of centuries of domination of alien (Ottoman) government. The Turks for their system millet (nation) shared by all Christians belonging to the church. So all Orthodox Christians who came under the spiritual authority of Constantinople were the Greeks, all of which fall under the spiritual authority of the Ohrid Patriarchate were Macedonians, under the Pec Patriarchate were Serbs. Montenegro was under the rule of the Patriarchate of Pec, and for Turks Montenegrins were not Serbs. Of course it was later the Serbian national elite, when he constructed the Serbian nation, handsome advantage of the Turkish millet system, in order to spread its influence to all Orthodox Christians. Do Montenegrins are Serbs, for their persistent refusal to make war against the Turks, considered less heroes and certainly would not consider themselves Serbs. These are all later inventions of the 19th century.
    Is Čelekulu made Constantinople, or local Pasha?
    Of course it is a white angel monument Serbia, and therefore of Serbs.
    And what does it matter who is ruled Who? Does this mean that, for example, the Russians have become Germans because their emperors were Germans? Or Bulgarians, or the Greeks, or the Romanians? Are the Serbs themselves became the Turks because they ruled the Turkish empire half a millennium? Why would Zećani become Serbs, if they are ruled by a Serb? And it is known that the nobility usually had anything to do with the people he ruled, because their mother’s generation were foreigners, and usually not even speak the language they spoke nation which governments. Of course even at that time Montenegrins (actually Zećani) and Serbs are not the same people. You know people are different in history, tradition and culture, and the Montenegrins have nothing in common with that of the Serbs, except religion. Nations differ by country in which one lives, or by country created by the national elite, which usually with the ethnic population, has nothing to do.
    Krađorđevići were really Petrovići when they moved out of the Montenegrin tribes Vasojevića, and how the last name of the Albanian tribe Klejmendi not know. Maybe they did not have a last name.



    I didn’t say people from Zeta were necessarily Serbs, but they were part of medieval Serbian state, so Miroslav’s gospel is monument of Serbia. I know the Turks are to blame for this current state among south Slavic nations, many people originating from Montenegro still call themselves Serbs.



    Of course that Zeta was part of the medieval state of Nemanjić. Does she then called Serbia or something else we do not know. But if he did, would the feudal lords in their titulčama not cite a list of countries ruled? Feudal lords did not make ethnic state. Their countries were of feudal estates run by the feudal lords. No one is spinning attention to population, except as a source of income. Serbia, for instance, was half a millennium part Tusk Empire, were the Serbs became the Turks? Or Croatia, which is almost a millennium were under the Hungarians and Austrians, whether because Croats become Germans or Hungarians? Certainly that is the Gospel of Miroslav monument Serbia, located in Serbia. Certainly nobody, nobody can deny the right to opt for a political concept, or a nation. I understand that, but I do not understand that cancels the right of existence to an ethnic group. Montenegrins are a special people and are a separate nation. A special people, because they have their own history, traditions and culture, in which they differ from other peoples in the region. Since when are recover your country there are as a nation, because the nation is a political expression nation-building project of the national elite.



    Serbians came to the balkan in the 6-7 century… hah, still with that german propaganda eh…..are you serious..??

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