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    25 Facts About Czech Republic That You Didn’t Know

    We will guess you already heard of Czech Republic and it’s jewel called Prague. Yes the Czech are ve…

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    aren’t Czech republic and Slovenia Central European countries?



    The name Sněžka means Snow mountian. Greetings from Moravia.



    “Czechs are mostly of Slavic descent, but many claim partial German ancestry….” It doesn’t make sense, it should be “Czechs are mostly of Czech descent,” because “Czech” doesn’t mean Slavic. Czechs are of pre-Celtic, Celtic, Germanic and Slavic descent taking it in sequence and yes, many of them has German ancestry, because we’re neighbours. Please, check some new genetic researches on Czech DNA, because the theory of the Czech being mainly Slavs is outdated already ;)

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @Eli i believe you are wrong



    Just wondering, how come that country in the very middle of Europe is in “Eastern Europe”? Czech Republic is the heart of Europe, sometimes called “The roof or Europe” as the biggest rivers have their sources here…. Greetings from Prague.



    @Katka it comes from Cold War era. Czechoslovakia was in Eastern block with USSR, and all European countries in Eastern Block were classified as Eastern Europe, even Albania and Bulgaria, while Scandinavia and Greece were Western Europe. Geographically Czech Republic was always in Central Europe, although I think “very middle of Europe” is somewhere in Ukraine, at least that’s what they say.



    Is koruna a rodent?



    Gvarda: rodent :D … maybe kuna “marten” koruna is Crown



    Well isn’t koruna just a kuna with bigger whiskers?



    It’s a rat with a crown.



    Those are not facts people on the outside wouldn’t know. What nobody realizes (Czech included), is that it used to be a bilingual country. Even today, there are many German words present in Czech language and many slang words also come from German.
    Btw, koruna means crown.



    Praha is one of the most beautiful Slavic cities. Krakow comes next on my list.

      I am envious seeing beautiful architecture of Praha . We had western architecture in Belarus before it was destroyed during Napoleonic war, wwi and wwii. I mean our cities  were destroyed completely and rebuilt in 1950s. Now our cities look Soviet. But I am thankful to my grandparents who had to work extra shifts after hours, saturdays and sundays to clean up and rebuilt our cities in late 40s.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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