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    25 Facts About Slovakia That You Didn’t Know

    So we did write about Slovakia before, and all you had to see was a variety of interesting photos of…

    Read the full story here

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Had no idea about Slovak in space. When will Polan into space!?



    Oh these amazing Slovaks, how i wish to be one!



    #19 – BULL SHIT
    Still with the german “behind the karpats” theory for slavs



    Andy warhol !! with slavic root! i didn’t know!



    @Kat: There’s really nothing special on being Slovak. Yes, there are plenty of beautiful places, castles, mountains… but there’s only a few people here, who really cares. On the other side, there’s a whole new law, that prevents one to have two citizenships ;-) And #23? I had no idea :-D



    The term “Celts” was used by the Greeks and Romans, so how can one say “Celts” where there when no one knows how those people called themselves. Especially when one knows the Greeks and Romans fairly liberally used that term, not really caring to whon those people really belonged to.



    @NecroHunter I don’t agree with you, I wouldn’t call 5 400 000 a few. There’s nothing special about being of any ethnicity (except, maybe, if you’re last of the Mohicans), but it’s pretty great to be Slovak and I’m proud of being one.



    Thanks, nice work. …#19 is the fact, but not complete – it is based probably on the doubtful theory about moving of a nations. According to Arab reports (http://goo.gl/GZA4Rv), Slavs themselves identified as a descendants of Madai, son of Jafet. There is no sufficient evidence that Slavs had not been in that territory before 5th century, nor about battles during supposed settlement against (well prepared for fight) nonSlavic nations.



    @Dušan: I don’t think every single one of us cares that much. I’m proud too, i’m just saying, too many people here are unconcerned about all the beauty.



    @slavic every herd has its black (or in this case CMYK) sheep, don’t sweat it.



    dobry clanok, nabuduce ale odporucam dat skontrolovat niekomu, kto naozaj vie po anglicky ;)



    Svetovo popularny Steve McQueen, syn slovenskych rodicov



    @Perun Slovak in space? Of course! A. Cernan, who has parents from Slovakia was the last man standing in moon (apollo 17 I think, or like that)



    #26 …nation with the most corrupt politics lead by it’s prime minister worldwide…

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