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    8 Authentic Tasty Meals of Southern Slavs

    Traditional Slavic cuisine is considered to be very versatile. Warm and rich soups, tasty meat dishe…

    Read the full story here

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Hnnnng would eat all of it right now in same moment!!!



    Uff that “Sarma” looks tasty, is it really good? :D



    Look tasty. Is kajmak similar to smiatana (smetana)?

    The forum deserves a topic on wines from southern Slavic countries.



    Punjena paprika or ‘faršavanyja piercy’ (literary stuffed peppers) as we call it in Belarus with some smiatana. I like the dish. It came to us from southern countries.



    @Kat yes it is, one of my favorite meals. @Sviatogor Kajmak is something like sour cream, but it’s more dense and has richer taste, I think it’s classified as cheese. It could be similar to smiatana, but I couldn’t know it, I’ve never tried smiatana :D




    I thought Smiatana (Smetana) is a common pan-Slavic product. It’s well known among eastern and western Slavs. Smiatana (Smetana) is not quite the same to what you ‘d normally buy in groceries of USA.

    Etymology of Smiatana (Smetana)

    From Proto-Slavic, cognate with Slovene smetana, Slovak smotana, Russian сметана (smetana). According to Vasmer the Slavic words are unrelated to German Schmant (“sour milk”). However, other scholars (Jacob Grimm, Václav Machek) consider Schmant a loanword from Slavic[



    – Waiter, there’s a hair in my meatballs!
    – Our cook is missing one arm, so he shapes them with his armpit
    – Good thing I didn’t order the stuffed peppers, then.



    We love stuffed peppers in Russia, it is also very popular here – gonna eat them just now :3



    @Sviatogor since I live in Serbia, I have access to Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian… (south Slavic) products when we speak of Slavs, I guess smiatana is South Slavic Pavlaka/Vrhnje (Slovenians call it Smetana, I think), but I never tried anything from Belarus, so I can’t be sure.



    This article is serbia-biased; in Bulgaria we also have Pylneni Chushki (Punjena paprika), Kebapche (cevape) and Lyuteniza (ajvar) but in this article they only used their serbian names….



    @”Евгения Каракехайова” ehm you only forgot it’s also Croatian and Bosnian, probably it’s mostly Bosnian.



    @Kat @”Евгения Каракехайова” She’s right, those are Serbian names, some of those meals aren’t popular in Bosnia and Croatia. Important thing is that it’s common for south Slavs, except maybe for Slovenians :D But I think there should be some authentic Bulgarian meals, because they are “more unique” than rest of the southern Slavs.



    If they’re more unique, then they wouldn’t fit in a list of common South Slavic meals, would they? ;)
    Then again, I hadn’t heard of the last three on this list either, at least not with those names. And I did miss some other common Balkan ones, like musaka f.e. And, of course, what’s a Balkaner without a thick bean soup, with hot peppers at the side?



    @NikeBG rest of south Slavs lived in one country for some 70-80 years, they weren’t in the eastern block during the cold war, that’s why I said Bulgarians are more unique. The list is named 8 authentic tasty meals of southern Slavs, it doesn’t say that they are in common for all of them, I’m sure Bulgarians have some authentic meals.

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